Home Testimonials

One of the best experiences that I have had…

I have worked as a subcontractor in the home delivery industry for the past few years and working at Stallion Express has been one of the best experiences that I have had. There is a very comfortable feel here at Stallion Express from the delivery people to the Pharmacy technicians and even the nursing staff members that we meet daily, I have received nothing but the friendliest welcome everywhere that I have been. The Managers here at Stallion are more helpful and accommodating than at other companies and that in itself creates a much more pleasant work environment. I am looking for to a long term working relationship with Stallion and plan to expand along with this company in every way that I can.

– Rosalyn Johnson

Organized and Efficient

My fiancé and I have worked in the trucking and supply industry for over thirty years and Stallion Express has been one of the most pleasant companies that we have had the pleasure of working for. The work is organized and very efficiently planned out on a daily as well as weekly basis, communication is very well maintained between management and delivery personnel and logistics are always well coordinated. I would recommend this type of work to anyone looking to make good money and meet new people on a regular basis.

– Derrick Houston

Stallion Express has become a partner…

Stallion Express has been a prime example on how to handle a LTC pharmacy account. I have worked with other providers in the past who are larger and have vast resources but don’t compare when it comes to the service model. Stallion has listened to my concerns as a PIC and addressed them in real time. They have gone beyond being a contractor and become a partner to our pharmacy in servicing our LTC accounts. Our District Manager is available at all hours and addresses any concerns right away and to an acceptable resolution. I am confident that the team at Stallion will enable our pharmacy to grow and expand our reach in the LTC market.

– Martin Klaus, RPh, Pharmacist In Charge – PA, PharmScript of PA, LLC

Managing the Elements

When a massive blizzard hit all throughout the north east, Stallion was there for Pharmscript and helped deliver medications to over 40 nursing homes throughout upstate New York and parts of Pennsylvania. The drivers arrived in a timely manner, were extremely professional regarding the task that had to be accomplished and completed all objectives in a timely manner. Any objective that could not be completed, the communication was very clear so that Pharmscript could communicate with these facilities and inform them of the current situation regarding the delivery.

Stallion also accessed the landscape on behalf of Pharmscript and provided expert advise regarding how the roads were and what areas of upstate New York were being hit more or projected to be hit more. This insightful information allowed the managing team at Pharmscript to make critical decisions regarding workflow modification so that we can ultimately serve the frail residents that rely on our services. In this type of situation where the elements are changing very rapidly and the projections were completely off (8 to 12″ projection in Binghamton vs actual 32″ projection) there is not much you can do except work together and get the job done, which is what Stallion and Pharmscript did synergistically.

Communication was very clear and I have no issues talking with anyone at the Stallion team. Even though we are essentially two different companies, I really feel that Bill, Peter, Manuel and Mendy are part of Pharmscript with the positive communication that occurred during this very stressful time. This is a very good feeling from a customer standpoint to feel connected with a vital piece of the business model and to be able to proactively work together to accomplish a common goal.

The only thing that I believe could have been more helpful is to potentially have the ability to equip the drivers with more suitable vehicles if the elements become dangerous. I did see one driver attempting to make the delivery in a Honda civic yesterday. This is an extremely dangerous risk that the driver is taking that I believe can easily be avoided by renting a truck in this scenario.

Besides that, Stallion did an incredible job with the deliveries and managing the elements.


– Bhavin Patel, Regional Director-Pharmacy Operations, Pharmscript, LLC