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Stallion Express partners with Long Term Care (LTC) pharmacies to provide the highest level of care to communities and their residents. By implementing state-of-the-art technologies, consolidating courier reporting into one central interface, and developing custom systems, we transform healthcare delivery. We are differentiated by our price, performance and our protection. See how we stand out:

Culture of Care

Our culture of care upholds our customer’s integrity and creates long-lasting relationships with your residents improving your bottom line profits. We’re committed to providing care to everyone within our Care Ecosystem. From the residents to the delivery vendors, our care-driven approach ensures high-touch, high-value service at every level. It is at the core of our […]

Our Covid-19 Response

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, a leading national pharmacy turned to Stallion Express to help them create a crisis action plan to ensure the safety of their residents’ medications. This wasn’t as simple as making a new delivery route. Lives were on the line. We were faced with the challenge of creating entirely new delivery […]

Our Mission is to Provide
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“Stallion Express has listened to my concerns as a PIC and addressed them in real time. They have gone beyond being a contractor and become a partner to our pharmacy in servicing our LTC accounts.”
- Martin Klaus, Pharmscript of PA